Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Best of Days, the Worst of Days

Did I have a great day or a terrible day? It's after 7 p.m. and I'm still wondering. Let's look at the evidence from the text:
  • One of my advisees got into a truly dirrrrty girl fight today, and because I happened to be in the hallway, I got to babysit the girl she fought while waiting for a dean to pick her up because the two girls needed to be separated (obviously).
  • Two kids openly complained about their grades.
  • My lesson totally fell flat.
On the other hand:
  • One of the kids who complained about his grade actually came back after school and had a heart-to-heart with me about how he could do better.
  • The girl I babysat was in tears and I might have actually gotten her to calm down before she gave her statement.
  • Another student came by after school to help me organize my classroom library, and along with a couple of her friends, we ended up having a really nice chat. She even told me that I was her favorite teacher so far this year.
So: great day or horrible day?

Is it corny if I say that I secretly think it was great?