Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks, St. Eulalia!

I spent most of my Sunday night and the wee hours of Monday morning hanging with your friend and mine, NYC Educator, at his blog, complaining about the weather and the handwringing of the DOE. Of course, they eventually did the right thing by closing the schools, at which point I promptly returned to my warm bed (having gotten up at 5:30 because, you know, I thought I was going to have to work because the DOE can't make up its mind the night before like normal school districts, even when there is a foot of snow VERY CLEARLY on its way).

I celebrated by sleeping late, cooking a big breakfast, and watching some telly. Now I am going to clean out my "office," a spare room in my apartment that ostensibly holds a desk and some bookshelves and things but has lately been overrun with laundry, mail, and the like. Happy Snow Day! (And thank Saint Eulalia!)